Pose militar de José Quiñones Gonzales

José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzáles (22 April 1914 – 23 July 1941) was a Peruvian military aviator and national aviation hero. He sacrificed his life crashing into an Ecuadorian battery (such as the Japanese kamikaze would crash at American ships in the Second World War) during the Battle of Zarumilla in the Ecuadorian Peruvian war.

Combat HistoryEdit

Lieutenant Quiñones was a fighter pilot in the 41st Escuadrilla (Flight) of the Peruvian Air Force, which participated in a bombing raid at Quebrada Seca on 23 July 1941. Quiñones' aircraft, a North American NA-50 "TORITO", was shot down by a battery of Ecuadorian anti-aircraft artillery; having no time to parachute to safety, Quinones made the supreme sacrifice by crashing his aircraft onto the Ecuadorian battery.


After his death he was declared a national hero by law on 10 May 1966. Named in his honour is the Cap. FAP José A. Quiñones Gonzales International Airport near his town of birth in Chiclayo. When the new currency of Peru (nuevo sol) was introduced in 1991 he appeared on the 10 S/. Banknote.

Cara de José Quiñones Gonzales en el billete de Diez Nuevos Soles

His face in ticket.