Jose Guzman is a California man who saved his dog, Gabanna, from a house fire.

Heroic actEdit

Jose, his wife Adriana and their three daughters Yvette, Hazel, and Yetzel were attending a barbeque at Jose's parents' house when they were alerted of a fire in their neighborhood. Jose thought it wasn't at his house because they left it an hour ago. Nevertheless, he decided to come there. It turned out the fire has started at his neighbors's house but quickly spread on Jose's own.

Jose knew his family dog was still inside. He run in burning house despite firefighters yelled him to stop. He found Gabanna curled up in the only room which didn't catch fire, the bathroom. He had a little trouble unchaining her but he maneged and the two run out to safety.

They suffered second-degree burns, Jose to his face, arm and ear, whereas Gabanna to nose and pawns. They both eventually recovered.

Notes Edit

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