Social Security Number: 465-54-7450  

Law Officer / Sheriff Dept. (Occupation listed on his Death Certificate Photocopy.)

U.S. Army veteran  

He became famous by being associated with the President John F. Kennedy assassination.

Roger Craig claimed to see a man who resembled Oswald, enter a Nash Rambler station wagon driven by a man described by Craig as being “a dark complected white male” – which then drove off towards the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Roger Craig’s account of seeing the man enter the Nash rambler station wagon was corroborated by four other witnesses. These witnesses were Helen Forrest, Marvin Robinson, Roy Cooper, and James Pennington.

Craig claimed that following the assassination, he had informed DPD Captain Will Fritz that he saw a man enter the Rambler. Craig identified Oswald to Fritz as the man he saw enter the station wagon. DPD chief Jesse Curry informed reporters about Oswald; "We have heard that he was picked up by a Negro in a car."

In 1967, after refusing to keep silent about what he had seen, Craig was fired from the Dallas Sheriff’s department by Sheriff, Bill Decker. From that point on, Craig’s life took a downwards dive. Much has been discussed concerning the circumstances surrounding Craig’s death. Many researchers believe that Craig was possibly murdered. The official version of Craig’s death is that he had shot himself with a rifle – one which he apparently didn’t own!

On a final note, in 1960, Craig was named the Dallas Sheriff’s department “Officer of the year” by the Dallas traffic commission.