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Troy Davis was a African American man who was falsely accused of the murder of Mark Macphail. Davis was just walking to the bus stop behind the Mcdonalds to go to his house when he see someone on the ground. He's discover the body of officer Macphail but fear to be accused he leave someone said to see a black guy walking away with a weapon. Davis was arrested and said he was innocent he had no weapon. But The officers don't believe him and people we're manipulated by the police officers for make him have the blame. he was a good father husband and son he was also a christian without any problem. he was still claiming his innocence people over the world so were shocked. A petition and protest were make in Georgia front of the courthouse people wanted Troy Davis to be released. They same complaining to the governor to spear his life but the governor do nothing for help him just because he was black and believe he was guilty for the murder. Every time Davis Lawyer tries to make appeal it was rejected because Davis was pronounced guilty and condemned to death penalty without parole. but when the court finally agreed to have the appeal they change their mind fast because Macphail family wanted the execution. So Davis maintain his innocence again protesters was still demand a appeal to the court same think Obama will help but the president said he will not make a stand in this affair. The last chance was the day of the execution the court again finally accept the appeal but once again rejected because the deceased officer's family still want Davis death and Troy was executed after the rejection. Troy died but maintained his innocence until the end.